Avida sets pace in South Luzon

Ayala-owned Avida Land is setting the pace in residential property developments in Southern Luzon with the expansion of its 21-hectare project in Batangas, its seventh in the province.

With 20 projects across Batangas, Cavite and Laguna spanning a total of 690 hectares, Avida has become one of the largest property developers in Southern Luzon.

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Philippine beachfront properties

Having a vacation home near the beach must be a dream for anyone whose idea of summer fun involves sand and surf. Aside from being comfortable enough to hang out in a place that is truly yours, it also saves you money in the long run, as it would mean no more staying in hotels or inns. And for the business-minded buyer, you can turn your vacation property into a money-making investment by renting it out when you are not using it.

The Philippines has a lot of noteworthy beaches and islands, so there is definitely no shortage of properties that will let you walk barefoot on powdery sand anytime you want. From a private home in an exclusive development in Bataan to a resort in Bohol, here are some beachfront properties at MyProperty that you can actually buy, whether as an end-user or an investor.

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Why building wealth with real estate can be slow (and how to make it faster)

Since you are reading this on my blog, you are obviously interested in building wealth through real estate investing. Most of you would probably agree with the idea that the goal is to accumulate wealth through passive income generating rental properties.

But this can be a slow process. Let me explain…

Yes it’s true, building wealth through real estate investing can take a long time.

In fact a recent article from the Biggerpockets blog echoed the same sentiment and nailed it: “Sorry, But Investing in Rentals Won’t Build Massive Wealth. THIS Will.“

Now you might be wondering; what was the blog post referring to? What is it that can build massive wealth?

It’s building a business or many businesses.

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Why building wealth with real estate can be slow (and how to make it faster)


Ayala Land’s first serviced office and coworking space: Clock In

Ayala Land Offices has always serviced traditional office requirements for corporates and BPO operations, but we also want to offer office solutions to start-up companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and independent professionals,” says Carol Mills, Vice President and Head of Ayala Land Offices.

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Ayala Land’s first serviced office and coworking space: Clock In


Alveo Land, a subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc, one of the Philippines’ leading real estate developers, recently launched the Grade-A, LEED-certified office condominium development to anchor the 21-hectare Circuit Makati, situated in the old Sta. Ana Racetrack, with redevelopment value of PHP39 billion (USD885 million).

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How Safe Are You and Your Property From Earthquake Fault Lines?

The Philippines is unfortunately, geographically situated within the Pacific Ring of fire. The Pacific Ring of Fire, among its many names, is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic activities happen.

These quakes and volcanic eruptions / activities occur in the Pacific region. Hence the name “Pacific Ring of Fire”. And because of that, we have fault lines across the country.

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How Safe Are You and Your Property From Earthquake Fault Lines?


Hot or Not: Should you opt for a pre-owned home?

THERE continues to be a lot of property developers who are building new condominiums, subdivisions and even individual houses left and right. All of a sudden, it almost seems like buying new is the only option. But let’s not forget the debated, but still largely valuable and handy, choice of going the pre-owned-home route—to be specific, condos.

In this article,  let’s explore more about what to look out for when searching for pre-owned—possibly even old—homes, and hear from both sides of the coin, the buyer and the broker.

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Hot or Not: Should you opt for a pre-owned home?


Banks stay heavy on real estate loans

The real estate exposure of Philippine banks continued to stay above 20 percent amid strong property loans and investments, data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) showed.

According to the BSP, real estate loans increased 18.5 percent to P1.55 trillion last year amid the steady rise in housing prices due to strong demand.

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Arca South by Ayala Land

Ayala Land puts you at the core of a visionary destination attuned with contemporary lifestyles. Accessibility remains the key advantage of ARCA South through the government’s infrastructure program of creating a direct link from the Skyway. Through the extension of the C5 and C6 highways, the district will only be a few minutes away from NAIA, Makati City, and Bonifacio Global City.

74 hectares of mixed-use development presents a quality of life with myriad opportunities for growth – green spaces, refreshing streetscapes, integrated parking, best estate practices, diverse retail options, residential developments, and an intermodal transport system.

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About Arca South

20 more water-saving tricks you can do at home in time for summer 2017

According to the World Health Organization, a person needs an average of 50-100 liters of water a day to sustain basic needs and avoid health-related concerns. That amount is not much, considering that a five-minute shower already uses around 40 liters of water, and that every single flush of an old toilet requires about 13 liters of water, which is why we have to be cautious of how much water we use and try to cut back in the areas where we can.

If you are already practicing our first 20 water conservation tips, be sure to put these next suggestions in action too now that summer is almost here.

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