Finding The Right Tenants: 4 Screening Tips


Screening potential tenants is the most important thing you can do as a landlord. Every problem during a lease can be traced back to your screening process. If you are lax on your screening you will let many more bad tenants slip through the cracks. Tenant screening is not like opening up an investigation. In most cases there are glaring red flags that you will find with even the most basic tenant screening. The problem for most landlords is that they are under pressure to find a new tenant as quickly as possible and let many simply screening steps slide. This opens the door to renting to people you may normally pass on. Once a bad tenant is in your property you are stuck with them for at least nine months or until they stop paying their rent. While you can never guarantee a good tenant proper tenant screening gives you the best possible chance.

Here are four tenant screening tips to help find the best possible tenant from

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