Land titling process cut down to 5 days from 6 months

“The Land Administration and Management System is ‘designed for quick and easy processing, tracking and retrieval of land information’.”


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MANILA, Philippines – The environment department’s Land Management Bureau (LMB) recently launched a new system that will cut down the approval of land surveys to 5 working days, instead of the previous processing time of 6 months to 1 year.

The LMB formally launched the Land Administration and Management System (LAMS), a computerized information system that consolidates land data and records in the country.

“The system is designed for quick and easy processing, tracking and retrieval of land information,” the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said in a statement on Wednesday, September 14.

According to LMB Director Emelyne Talabis, the new system also guarantees land tenure security for every Filipino.

LMB said the new system has 4 components:

1. Public land application – evaluates, processes, and approves land application; provides efficient storage, analysis, and monitoring to prevent issuance of duplicate titles
2. Inspection, verification and approval of survey – designed to track verification and approval process of the survey at regional level; involves digital submission of survey returns to digital land survey data
3. E-survey plan – allows client, through an accredited geodetic engineer, to submit the survey application online for faster verification of boundaries
4. Client-transaction monitoring – clients can keep track of status of land survey and application electronically through LAMS kiosks located in DENR regional offices, by text, or via the Internet; eliminates personal contact between client and LMB personnel, thus preventing incidents of corruption.

Approved survey data are saved on the digital cadastral database. The database has the textual information of the lot and its scanned image.

The LMB under the environment department is the government agency responsible for the administration, survey, management and disposition of alienable and disposable lands and other public lands not placed under the jurisdiction of other government agencies. –

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