Protect your home during the rainy season

“Since the rainy season is here, I decided to post an article that can help protect your house from the rain. Find out more below.”

Prep your house—especially the exteriors—to withstand the challenges of the rainy season.

Check out these few steps that could make a difference:

Inspect, prepare the roof

Before the heavy rains come, the roof should be inspected at least twice a year. Repair, or replace cracked shingles and roof ridges, and look for rust and holes. If no one in the household can perform this biannual inspection, contact a professional.


Clean gutters regularly to ensure that the rainwater drains properly. Trim tree branches that hang over the roof to avoid leaves filling the gutters, and to prevent big branches falling on and severely damaging the house. Other unstable structures should also be cleared in the case of strong winds. Damaged eaves can also cause water to seep into the walls. If the eaves show yellow or brown spots, or are showing signs of sagging, it is time to replace them.

Invest in exterior walls

The house’s exterior walls are constantly exposed to the elements. Hence, the need for top-notch protection.

Resist damage caused by moisture, fire, and termites by using fiber cement siding boards. These boards require less maintenance compared to wood siding.

Weatherproof interiors

Do a simple inspection of the ceilings, walls, and floors. Discolored walls and ceilings, paint bubbles, and dark spots mean that water is already entering the house. Moisture not only ruins the appearance of the house’s interiors, but can also affect appliances, furniture, other household items, and even the health of the residents.

Take precautions against floods

Living in a flood-prone area? Help keep floodwaters at bay by piling sandbags around the house. Move appliances, furniture, computers, documents, and other such items to a higher, or drier part of the house.

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