Avida sets pace in South Luzon

Ayala-owned Avida Land is setting the pace in residential property developments in Southern Luzon with the expansion of its 21-hectare project in Batangas, its seventh in the province.

With 20 projects across Batangas, Cavite and Laguna spanning a total of 690 hectares, Avida has become one of the largest property developers in Southern Luzon.

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Philippine beachfront properties

Having a vacation home near the beach must be a dream for anyone whose idea of summer fun involves sand and surf. Aside from being comfortable enough to hang out in a place that is truly yours, it also saves you money in the long run, as it would mean no more staying in hotels or inns. And for the business-minded buyer, you can turn your vacation property into a money-making investment by renting it out when you are not using it.

The Philippines has a lot of noteworthy beaches and islands, so there is definitely no shortage of properties that will let you walk barefoot on powdery sand anytime you want. From a private home in an exclusive development in Bataan to a resort in Bohol, here are some beachfront properties at MyProperty that you can actually buy, whether as an end-user or an investor.

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Why building wealth with real estate can be slow (and how to make it faster)

Since you are reading this on my blog, you are obviously interested in building wealth through real estate investing. Most of you would probably agree with the idea that the goal is to accumulate wealth through passive income generating rental properties.

But this can be a slow process. Let me explain…

Yes it’s true, building wealth through real estate investing can take a long time.

In fact a recent article from the Biggerpockets blog echoed the same sentiment and nailed it: “Sorry, But Investing in Rentals Won’t Build Massive Wealth. THIS Will.“

Now you might be wondering; what was the blog post referring to? What is it that can build massive wealth?

It’s building a business or many businesses.

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Why building wealth with real estate can be slow (and how to make it faster)


How Safe Are You and Your Property From Earthquake Fault Lines?

The Philippines is unfortunately, geographically situated within the Pacific Ring of fire. The Pacific Ring of Fire, among its many names, is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic activities happen.

These quakes and volcanic eruptions / activities occur in the Pacific region. Hence the name “Pacific Ring of Fire”. And because of that, we have fault lines across the country.

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How Safe Are You and Your Property From Earthquake Fault Lines?


Work on CALA-X, seen to speed up travel on key south Luzon roads, starts April 2017

MANILA – Work will start in April on a 45-km expresslane – seen to cut travel from two hours to 45 minutes between Cavitex and SLEX, and subsequently ease heavy traffic on key south roads leading to popular destinations like Tagaytay City.

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5 Best Places to Buy a House and Live Outside Metro Manila

Metro Manila continues to be the major center for business and investment in the Philippines. Its consistent and relentless progress attracts investors, labor forces, and people who want to live where the action is present and success is evident. However, the growth of the metropolis also has downsides.

The explosion of population in Metro Manila could be acknowledged as the reason for the prevalence of informal settlers, the heavy traffic that eats time, and the higher cost of living due to high demand and low supply of goods. More so, the region is slowly turning into a completely modern district that leaves no opportunity for greenery. Thus, pollution in many kinds, if ignored, is likely to become more significant and dangerous. The neighborhoods, though abundant in life and activities, often could no longer provide a relaxed community.

Residents of Metro Manila can now transfer to nearby cities that provide comfort and security. Avoid the awful traffic, the overcrowded MRT, and the loud neighbors. You do not have to go far from Metro Manila to experience a better quality of life.

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ADB commits $4.22 B for Phl infra projects

“The demand for infrastructure across Asia and the Pacific far outstrips current supply,” said ADB president Takehiko Nakao. “Asia needs new and upgraded infrastructure that will set the standard for quality, encourage economic growth, and respond to the pressing global challenge that is climate change.”

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February inflation likely exceeded 3%, an over 2-year high — Tetangco


“The BSP forecast suggests that February inflation could settle within the 3.1-3.9 percent range. The increase in domestic petroleum prices, jeepney and taxi fares, and electricity rates of Meralco-serviced areas could exert upside pressures to inflation during the month,” Tetangco said in a text message to reporters.

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Central Luzon: The next growth frontier

MANILA, Philippines – With the Philippine economy on a sustained growth track, pushing development outside the capital has become a national priority as Metro Manila is now bursting at the seams.

Central Luzon, with Clark as its hub, is ready to lead the next wave of growth.

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