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Ayala Land’s Newest Offering – MONTECITO



Serene atmosphere

Montecito is a neighborhood situated in the midst of progressive Nuvali, Ayala Land’s cornerstone in the South. With its gentle rolling terrain, high elevation, large expanse of land, palm trees and a spring that runs through the property, it presents owners with a fresh and tranquil atmosphere.

A central location

Quietly Away from the hustle and bustle of commercial developments, Montecito is buffered by residential zones, yet conveniently close to the future retail and business districts.

A quiet, suburban community

Half of the property is dedicated to open spaces. Special landscape parks called greenways meander through portions of the village, creating a perfect venue for neighborly interaction without compromise to privacy. This feature guarantees the suburban feel of the community.

A relaxed and refined lifestyle

The neighborhood will be made up of not more than 300 amply sized lots over a 60-hectare stretch of prime property in Canlubang, Laguna, These lots are comfortably spaced and centered on facilities such as a grand clubhouse called “Pasa Tiempo” by LV Locsin, a recreational lake, grass courtyards, and a tree and plant nursery.

Our Vision

Once a private property of the Yulo family – one of the country’s most prominent clans, Montecito is now a high-end community planned for estate living. Carved-out of the best 60-hectare of their Canlubang Estate, the family was drawn to the balance of suburban life that Montecito’s ideal location provided.

Ayala Land Premier, believing in this vision, has added Montecito to its roster of distinctive communities – promising residents unsurpassed commitment to quality, worry free living and hassle-free service.

We now open its gates so that others may share

the life-changing experience of living that Montecito brings.


For more information on Ayala Land Premier’s newest offering : ICEL DY – 0917-88-AYALA(29252)

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Last Call for ABRIO!


For more information : ICEL DY – 0917-88-AYALA(29252)

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Anvaya Cove to launch Seascape Ridge units… SOON!

Ayala Land Premier’s Anvaya Cove will soon be launching limited 14 quadruplex, totaling to only 56 units of these townhouse type, SEASCAPE RIDGE Multi Dwelling Units.

These limited 56 units consisting of 2 Types of Quadruplex MDUs:

1. 2BR Plus units – 16 to 18M – Total of 5 rooms

    1. 2 Bedrooms
    2. 1 Den/ Guest Room
    3. 1 Maids Room
    4. 1 Attic
    5. 1 Storage Room

2. 3BR Plus units – 18m to 21m – Total of 6 rooms

    1. 3 Bedrooms
      1 Den/ Guest Room
      1 Maids Room
      1 Large Attic
      1 Storage Room

are made specifically to cater to our foreign national buyers, and to some local buyers who do not want the hassle of having to build a home.

Ayala Land will be launching these SEASCAPE RIDGES on November 28, 2008.

There will be a VIP Selling 2nd week of November, 2008.

For those interested to join the VIP Selling, please contact ICEL DY at 0917-88-AYALA(29252), or email at

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Ayala Land eyes P4.5B from Abrio’s Premier Lots

Ayala Land eyes P4.5B from Abrio’s premier lots

By Charles E. Buban
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:24:00 09/13/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Thirty lots remaining. While this number would seem insignificant for a development that offers 378, these last few remaining lots are in fact the best and most exclusive in Abrio, according to its developer, Ayala Land Premier (which takes care of Ayala Land’s premium residences).

Abrio is ALP’s first flagship neighborhood as well as most valued address in Nuvali in Canlubang, Laguna.

“We’ve saved the best for last. While we even held a lottery just to accommodate Abrio’s huge influx of buyers, we decided that doing the same for these last 30 lots is no longer necessary,” announced ALP head Bobby Dy.

Highly strategic

Abrio occupies a highly strategic location within Nuvali as it is close to the planned business district, retail center and lake of the future ecopolis.

“Getting to Nuvali takes about 50 minutes from Makati through the Sta. Rosa Exit of the South Luzon Expressway. A new road connecting Nuvali directly to the Mamplasan Exit of the SLEX road will even make Nuvali more accessible,” Dy said.

He added that aside from its location, Abrio’s masterplan provides an extremely high degree of privacy for residents, even in common area.

In fact, Abrio will offer a building density of only 5 units per hectare. The rest will be devoted to greenery.

“Abrio as well as the rest of Nuvali will have a mix of residential, retail and office areas and will be developed as a community that will encourage its residents and visitors to walk, use a bike, or even take a water taxi to most places (a man-made lake will be built to serve as a serene backdrop as well as as a fire reserve for the community),” Dy described.

Letters of intent

Because of Abrio’s promise of an extraordinary level of privacy, exclusivity and security, Dy reported having received 400 letters of intent for the first 113 lots in Abrio (when ALP launched it in the third quarter of last year), prompting the lottery.

The result was indeed, phenomenal considering that Abrio’s 113 lots were sold out in just two hours and in the process generated P1.2 billion in sales.

Ayala Land Inc.’s SVP and Corporate Marketing and Sales Group head Rex Mendoza expects the same for the remaining lots that will be sold for P14,000 to P15,000 per square meter (a lot would range between P14 and P16 million).

This price is relatively higher than the ones sold earlier because these few remaining lots offer a direct access to the main park as well as to the village clubhouse.

P4.5 billion

“We expect to generate some P4.5 billion from these last few remaining lots,” Mendoza informed.

The 17-hectare Abrio offers homeowners large lots ranging from 800 to 1,200 square meters, with vast spaces between houses as a result of a 16-meter carriageway and a four-meter bicycle lane.

Mendoza informed that the properties sold will be turned over in March next year.

To encourage owners to immediately build their houses, Mendoza added that the company is giving as much as P2 million in rebates to the first five homeowners, while the next five will get P1.5 million. The remaining five homeowners will get P1 million in rebates.

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Anvaya Cove Featured.. actual pictures

Last summer 2008, Rica de Jesus of Heart-2-heart online visited Anvaya Cove with her family. These are her photos as featured on her website.

click here for the link

For more information and to schedule for a site visit, you may contact:

ICEL DY, Sr. Property Specialist, Ayala Land Premier

0917-88-AYALA(29252) or email at

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Smart Investing — Turning Crisis into Opportunity.

Smart Investing — Turning Crisis into Opportunity.

Despite the recent spate of bad news from the United States, the Asian region has for the most part been much less affected. Reports from the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank) indicate that Philippine financial institutions remain solid. Even those banks that have investments in ailing companies in the United States have been careful not to over-expose themselves in the U.S. market. This is because ever since Asia experienced its own crisis in 1997, financial institutions here have taken very conservative positions on debt and investments as a major part of their business strategies.

In general financial instruments such as investments can have a very wide “volatility factor”. The value of this type of investments can rise or fall dramatically in a very short period time depending on the confidence levels of economic managers and the general public. The problem is, confidence levels can swing wildly whether the basis for the rise or fall of investor confidence is real or not. This can make many financial investments risky.

A hard asset such as real-estate can provide a much more stable and reliable investment – for those who can afford it. Prime properties tend to perform much better than property in general. A comparison of Ayala Land Premier property values show that over the last 9 months, these properties have consistently out-performed the stock market and government treasury bills.

What many people do not realize is that prime real-estate also has a unique value-feature; when times are bad values are much more stable than many other investments. When times are good, property values can rise very, very quickly. Why does this happen? This happens simply because property is a finite resource. There is only a limited amount of it in the world – but demand for property is always rising so the values of prime property are driven up naturally.

Property is a smart way to invest while enjoying the benefits of your investment — by living at a great address, earning from rentals or managing your wealth for your dependents future use.

—-Tom Mirasol

DISCLAIMER: The data presented here is true and correct. The opinions expressed herein are my personal thoughts based on available research material. Readers are encouraged to seek the advice of trustworthy investment advisors before making any decisions.

For more information on investing in Real Estate, call me at:

Icel Dy – 0917-882.9252

or email at

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Anvaya Launches Bamboo Grove B!

After launching the first offerings of Bamboo Grove just last month, we’re down to our last 4 lots, and so Anvaya Cove is now opening up the last lots for the Bamboo Grove phase. The last of the small cut lots in Anvaya Cove.

Bamboo Grove B lot cuts ranges from 410-611sqms.

With an all in price ranging from 3.7M-6.4M

Downpayment = 378k

Monthly for 11 years = 41k/month

For the full presentation, please send an email to, or send your email address to 0917-88-AYALA(29252)

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Correction on: Abrio Price Increase

Correction on the “Abrio Price increase on October 15, 2008” Announcement i posted 3 days ago.

“Finishing off the last few lots available, Ayala Land Sales Inc., announces another price increase this coming October 15, 2008. Estimated increase of at the least 300,000 for the smallest lot.”

Price Increase for Abrio on October 15, 2008 will be a whopping 10%, or at the least Php 1 Million for the smallest lot.

You may still get your Abrio lots at OLD PRICE though, until October 14, 2008. LAST 38 Lots available.

For the complete Presentation and updated map with prices of Abrio and Nuvali. Please send an email request to or send a text message to 0917-88-AYALA(29252)

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7 Reasons to Buy Property Now


7 reasons to buy property now

By Tessa Salazar
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—Do you ever realize that the money you throw on fuel could be your monthly amortization for a home? Here are top seven reasons you should invest.

1 Property’s still the best investment out there. “The stock market is very volatile for people who are looking for a place to invest or where to put their money. It’s still real estate. It will still appreciate in value,” said Bobby Disini, vice president of PS Bank’s mortgage banking division. He added that even if people already have houses and still have money to spend, it would still be wise to invest in property. They can sell it later on.

2 Government housing loan provider Pag-Ibig has competitive rates now, making homes more affordable to Filipinos.

“Make the most of what we can offer now,” said Rafael Odes M. Abaño III, vice president of Loans Organization Group of the Pag-Ibig Mutual Fund. “We still have our low interest rates and we encourage Pag-Ibig members to avail of our housing program now.”

According to him, despite the global pressure of increased interest rates, Pag-Ibig does not react overnight on such increases. “We consider the impact on our members,” he added.

Abaño enumerates a 6 percent interest rate for a loan value of P300,000; a 7 percent interest rate for loans over P300,000 to P750,000; and a 10 percent interest rate for loans over P750,000 to P2 million. For a loan of P750,000, therefore, the monthly amortization amounts to just P4,900.

Abaño shares more advice on applying for Pag-Ibig housing loans and restructuring delinquent loans at the Philippine Real Estate Festival on July 25 at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The Pag- Ibig call center is 724-4244.

3 A roof-over-your-head principle. “The family will always want a house over anything else,” Disini said. “That’s why we have a lot of overseas Filipinos working abroad and the first thing in their mind is to buy a house and a car,” he explains.

4 Buy while still low. Alejandro S. Mañalac, president of the National Real Estate Association, revealed that developers are increasing their prices. “The soaring prices of major construction materials are eating up developers’ margins. If buyers will just compute, the 10 to 20 percent increase that the developers are planning to implement is not even enough since the prices of steel and cement have practically doubled since last May. Those who are constructing their own houses can relate to this.”

5 Cut back on travel cost. Eduardo M. Alunan, president of the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, said that whether oil prices are high or low, investing in property under the present environment should be made a priority. Location, especially factoring in the proximity to the workplace, has always been a major factor in order to save in travel costs in and around Metro Manila.

6 Borrow now. “I would advise people to borrow now.

The rates will not hold primarily because inflation is still going up. I expect interest rates to go up and right now I think it’s the best time to apply while the rates are still at this level,” Disini said.

7 Search for the best home financing rate available. Go where you can find the best rates available because the rates won’t hold for long, Disini said.

“Try to fix (the financing rate) for 5 or 10 years so that you won’t worry about any rate fluctuations. If you go for home financing, look for a bank that’s stable, or a bank that’s going to offer you fast service. Once your rate is approved, it can only lock in for a certain period of time.”

For Global Property Guide’s senior economist Prince Christian Cruz (, however, anytime is the best time to buy property, as long as the property is meant for owner occupancy and the buyer can pay in cash.

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